Haini Cai
(706) 542-3329

Developmental gene regulation via epigenetic modification of genome and chromatin structure

Associate Professor
(706) 542-8104

Metabolic pathways of trypanosomatids and malaria parasites

Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar
Scott Dougan in the zebra fish facility
(706) 583-8194

Developmental biology; The molecular and cellular basis of pattern formation in vertebrates

Associate Professor
(706) 542-7510

Toxoplasma’s strategies to manipulate host immunity

Assistant Professor
(706) 583-8111

Protistan evolution; cellular evolution; endosymbiosis

(706) 542-3409

Biogenesis of microtubule-based organelles including cilia, organelle compartmentalization, intracellular patterning.

(706) 542-3338

Neuroscience; the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural circuit assembly in Drosophila

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-3862

Cellular biology; molecular genetics; regulation of cell division in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kimberly D. Klonowski
(706) 583-5576

Immunology: lymphocyte migration

Associate Professor
(706) 542-3688

Drug discovery for malaria and brain-eating amoebae; antimalarial resistance mechanisms

Professor of Infectious Diseases and Cellular Biology, CTEGD Director, GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Antiparasitic Drug Discovery
(706) 542-7433

Developmental neurobiology: molecular genetic mechanisms of vertebrate eye and forebrain development

Associate Professor
(706) 542-0167

Cell Biology of Cilia; Cilia-related diseases

Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
(706) 542-3355

Chemical biology; parasitology; signal transduction; drug discovery

Professor and Department Head
(706) 542-4736

Metabolism and drug development against protozoan parasites. Calcium signaling and storage in Toxoplasma gondii.

Distinguished Research Professor
(706) 542-8947

Molecular and cellular biology of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-4800

systems biology, bioimage analysis, data science

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-9330
Assistant Professor
(706) 542-3515

Tissue replenishment from stem cells, Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, germ cell tumor, stem cell self-renewal

Associate Professor
(706) 542-1220

Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Genetics, Decisions and Motivated Responses to Reward and Stress in Drosophila

John P. Shields
(706) 542-4080
Academic Professional Associate, Co-Director of Center for Ultrastructural Research

Use of metacognition to enhance student learning in biology

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-3362

Immunoparasitology; immunity to Trypanosoma cruzi and Chagas disease; vaccine development

Regents Professor, UGA Athletic Association Distinguished Professor
DeLoris M.C. Wenzel Hesse
(706) 542-3374
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor


(706) 542-4112

Immunobiology of human schistosomiasis. Immunoregulation and resistance to reinfection

Professor and Director of the Center for Tropical and Emerging Grobal Diseases
Stephen Dalton
(706) 583-0480

Stem cell research

Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar of Molecular Cell Biology
Assistant Professor
(770) 488-4055

Immunoparasitology; immunoregulation; lymphatic filariasis; crytosporidiosis

Adjunct Research Biologist
Douglas Menke
(706) 542-9557

Developmental regulation of gene expression; evolution of vertebrate limb morphology

Assistant Professor
Walter K. Schmidt
(706) 583-8241

Molecular and biochemical analyses of proteases required for the maturation of isoprenylated signaling molecules

Associate Professor
Vincent J. Starai
(706) 542-5755

Biochemistry of intracellular membrane fusion; host-pathogen interactions; bacterial modulation of eukaryotic protein trafficking

Assistant Professor
Richard Steet

Cell biology and glycobiology; Golgi trafficking disorders, disease models in zebrafish

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


(706) 542-8063

Comparative endocrinology; endocrinology and regulation of insect digestion; insect neuropeptides and receptors

Professor Emeritus
Marcus Fechheimer
(706) 542-3338

Molecular cell biology of the Actin Cytoskeleton; Alzheimer's Disease; Aging; Hirano bodies

Emeritus University Professor & Meigs Professor
Gordhan L. Patel
(706) 542-5969

Molecular biology; role of nonhistone proteins in the structure and regulation of chromatin

Emeritus Faculty
John S. Willis

Membrane transport mechanisms, responses to changes of temperature and metabolic state

Professor Emeritus
(706) 542-0802

Annotation and expression of insect cuticular protein genes; their roles in construction of cuticle and the the life of insects.

Professor Emeritus