Haini Cai
(706) 542-3329

Developmental gene regulation via epigenetic modification of genome and chromatin structure

Associate Professor
(706) 542-8104

Metabolic pathways of trypanosomatids and malaria parasites

Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar
Scott Dougan in the zebra fish facility
(706) 583-8194

Developmental biology; The molecular and cellular basis of pattern formation in vertebrates

Associate Professor
(706) 542-7510

Toxoplasma’s strategies to manipulate host immunity

Assistant Professor
(706) 583-8111

Protistan evolution; cellular evolution; endosymbiosis

(706) 542-3409

Biogenesis of microtubule-based organelles including cilia, organelle compartmentalization, intracellular pattern formation.

(706) 542-3338

Neuroscience; the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural circuit assembly in Drosophila

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-3862

Cellular biology; molecular genetics; regulation of cell division in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kimberly D. Klonowski
(706) 583-5576

Immunology: lymphocyte migration

Associate Professor
(706) 542-3688

Drug discovery for malaria and brain-eating amoebae; antimalarial resistance mechanisms

Professor of Infectious Diseases and Cellular Biology, CTEGD Director, GRA Eminent Scholar Chair in Antiparasitic Drug Discovery
(706) 542-7433

Developmental neurobiology: molecular genetic mechanisms of vertebrate eye and forebrain development

Associate Professor
(706) 542-0167

Cell Biology of Cilia; Cilia-related diseases

Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
Kojo Mensa-Wilmot
(706) 542-3355

Chemical biology; parasitology; signal transduction; drug discovery

Professor and Department Head
(706) 542-4736

Metabolism and drug development against protozoan parasites. Calcium signaling and storage in Toxoplasma gondii.

Distinguished Research Professor
(706) 542-8947

Molecular and cellular biology of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-4800

systems biology, bioimage analysis, data science

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-9330
Assistant Professor
(706) 542-3515

Tissue replenishment from stem cells, Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, germ cell tumor, stem cell self-renewal

Associate Professor
(706) 542-1220

Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Genetics, Decisions and Motivated Responses to Reward and Stress in Drosophila

John P. Shields
(706) 542-4080
Academic Professional Associate, Co-Director of Center for Ultrastructural Research

Use of metacognition to enhance student learning in biology

Assistant Professor
(706) 542-3362

Immunoparasitology; immunity to Trypanosoma cruzi and Chagas disease; vaccine development

Regents Professor, UGA Athletic Association Distinguished Professor
DeLoris M.C. Wenzel Hesse
(706) 542-3374
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor


(706) 542-4112

Immunobiology of human schistosomiasis. Immunoregulation and resistance to reinfection

Professor and Director of the Center for Tropical and Emerging Grobal Diseases
Stephen Dalton
(706) 583-0480

Stem cell research

Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar of Molecular Cell Biology
Assistant Professor
(770) 488-4055

Immunoparasitology; immunoregulation; lymphatic filariasis; crytosporidiosis

Adjunct Research Biologist
Douglas Menke
(706) 542-9557

Developmental regulation of gene expression; evolution of vertebrate limb morphology

Associate Professor
Walter K. Schmidt
(706) 583-8241

Molecular and biochemical analyses of proteases required for the maturation of isoprenylated signaling molecules

Vincent J. Starai
(706) 542-5755

Biochemistry of intracellular membrane fusion; host-pathogen interactions; bacterial modulation of eukaryotic protein trafficking

Associate Professor


(706) 542-8063

Comparative endocrinology; endocrinology and regulation of insect digestion; insect neuropeptides and receptors

Professor Emeritus
Marcus Fechheimer
(706) 542-3338

Molecular cell biology of the Actin Cytoskeleton; Alzheimer's Disease; Aging; Hirano bodies

Emeritus University Professor & Meigs Professor
Gordhan L. Patel
(706) 542-5969

Molecular biology; role of nonhistone proteins in the structure and regulation of chromatin

Emeritus Faculty
(706) 542-0802

Annotation and expression of insect cuticular protein genes; their roles in construction of cuticle and the the life of insects.

Professor Emerita
John S. Willis

Membrane transport mechanisms, responses to changes of temperature and metabolic state

Professor Emeritus