Be at the forefront of biology research

Graduate students in the Department of Cellular Biology are engaged in exciting research. They study the molecular biology of cells in experimental model systems that range from single cells to whole animals.

The Department of Cellular Biology occupies state-of-the-art research, teaching and office space on the UGA main campus. Our laboratories and programs are well funded through federal research grants. Students have access to modern research equipment. As our research is focused on living cells this is particularly true for microscopy and flow cytometry.

Cellular Biology students are supported

Students are guided by experienced investigators serving as mentors, thesis committee members, and colleagues. The goal of our training program is your development into a highly skilled and intellectually independent scientist. The Department provides competitive financial support through a variety of assistantships and tuition is usually waived.

Athens, GA

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Dr. Shipra Vaishnava (HHMI postdoctoral fellow UT South Western): "The best things about my Cellular Biology graduate school days were the great group of people who share your goal and encourage you to do your best, the friends you make, and the community you become a part of while you are there."

Dr. James Morris (Associate Professor, Clemson University): "As a Cellular Biology graduate student I discovered that the support of other people is key for success at the bench and in front of the classroom, a lesson that holds true for me today."